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I’m sitting here listening to the rain coming down lightly on my roof. The fireplace is “lit” and the doggies are snuggled on the couch. It’s mid-May and the forecast for the next couple of days is rain, cold temps, and what they call wintery mix. Wait, it’s the middle of May, shouldn’t I be enjoying spring temps of high 60’s to low 70’s? I should but this is Colorado’s “Spring” weather. Saturday it was in the low 80’s and sunny and today it probably won’t get above 40 with low 30’s at night and that snow/rain mix.

I sold my home back in March to pursue my Flower Farm dream on my new property. I never dreamed that the search to find a decent roof over my head to rent would be so darn difficult. Well guess what, it was. I begin my search for a rental house. Jeez, while I knew the home sale market here was on fire it never occurred to me that the rental housing market was jumping as well. Every home that I looked at online that was decent and in an okay neighborhood would have over 40 applications on it and a waiting list to boot. What, really? You’re kidding, right? Well, I’m not interested in playing that game. I thought I could power through it and force the perfect home to show up but other choices were either so overpriced as to be ridiculous or in such sad shape that it was questionable whether it would withstand the next windstorm.

I was really getting worried and kind of panicked. One night I was sitting on the couch at my now-sold home scrolling through the channels and landed on Going RV. That night’s episode was about a nice couple looking for their next home. On wheels! “Holy moly,” I thought, “My motorhome is the perfect answer!”

And it is the perfect answer, at least for me. My 31-foot Tiffin Breeze diesel-pusher motorhome was sitting in my enclosed RV storage unit waiting for me to wake up to this idea. It’s the best of everything in a nice comfortable little package. I had already outfitted it with all the necessities for living. I only really needed to load the clothes, food, bevs, computer and printer, some business files, the doggies. Jump in and drive to a new location and Pouf! Instant Tiny Home.

I secured a long-term spot at the Loveland (CO) RV Resort. I was really grateful for that. Believe it or not, the RV parks around here are super booked up. This place having a spot available was a gift from heaven. A really nice place with big trees, a safe environment, next door to shopping and restaurants, and low traffic noise. It is super convenient to I-25 and about a 25-minute drive to my farm jobsite. I couldn’t be happier. The folks living here are from all walks of life and all ages. A lot of full-timers and short-term vacationers. A real interesting mix of interesting people.

I couldn’t have found a better neighborhood or a better home.

Loveland RV Resort

Tiffin Motorhomes

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