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Finally Farmland!

Updated: May 5, 2021

After a long search conducted on realty websites and the age-old method of riding around in the car with my mini Aussie as my navigator. After getting worried and expanding my drive-by land search to areas that were really too far away from family and friends and the area of Colorado I've come to love. After much frustration and disappointment, my dream was realized. My realtor and I found the perfect little piece of ground in Weld county. Really just a stone's throw from Denver, Boulder, Longmont, and Ft. Collins. I couldn't believe it. My realtor and I got together, went out to look at it first-hand and made an offer that afternoon. I didn't want this to get away from me. It was all pins and needles until they responded with an acceptance. I was overjoyed. I was in tears. I felt I could breathe again.

This wonderful little eight acres will be the beginning of a farm that has been a dream swirling around in my head for quite a while. This past year of uncertainty allowed me to realize what I really wanted to do with my life and how I wished to do it. I want to grow beautiful varieties of flowers that will enrich the lives of others. Flowers have such an ability to enhance our daily lives. Flowers can calm us, they can make us happy, they are symbols of remembrance, celebration, and love. Even the scent of flowers can bring back cherished memories, long forgotten. Flowers connect us and help improve the world around us.

I can't wait to get started on this flower journey.

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