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Construction is Moving Along

I know that I haven't talked about the construction progress for a while. I decided to just post snippets on Instagram as it is so easy to do. I guess the super hot weather we've been experiencing over the past many weeks made my brain a little lazy. How's that for an excuse.

In fact, a lot has gone on. My barn and loafing/equipment shed have both been built. Yay! As for the house construction, the siding, exterior doors and windows are on. The electrical and plumbing have been roughed in. The house has been roofed with Duration impact resistant shingles (to help withstand the dreaded hailstorms). Inside the insulation was installed a week ago and this week the sheetrock guys have been working their magic. I believe they will start texturing today.

On the water side, I finally received the approval/assent letter from the Bureau of Reclamation so Central Weld County Water District can actually hook up their tap and supply water to my property. But, this still cannot be done until the Assent letter is stamped and notarized by a Weld County Court judge. So again, I am waiting.

Cabinets are 10-13 weeks out. Hopefully this timeline started a week and a half ago but who knows. Again, a wait that also pushes back install of floors, plumbing fixtures, appliances, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture. The only thing I can do is go with the flow.

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