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Prairie Wind Flowers

A Colorado Cut Flower Farm

Hi, my name is Deborah and welcome to 2023 and my second year as a cut flower farmer. I’m a 60-something, semi-retired, life-long entrepreneur who is a 2021 graduate of Erin Benzakein’s Floret Workshop and am so glad that I decided to take the course. 2022 was my first year and boy what a year it was. My property was a former hay field and a blank slate so there were lots of planning, building, and creative challenges. I thought I had it all planned out and then it would change. Some days it seemed as though my plan was that I had no plan. It seemed that Pivot was my plan. But in reality I realized it would be an evolution that was continually changing and loosely following the script. By enlisting the support, experience, and wisdom of others the farm slowly began taking shape.

   Over the past year I’ve installed two large oversize unheated tunnels that house the garden roses and two Farmer’s Friend Caterpillar Tunnels. I’ve just recently finished construction on the Rimol Bobcat heated high tunnel. Another building that is so crucial is the large, heated processing barn with a Coolbot-controlled floral cooler inside. This cooler is magic, in the growing season it is cooling the flowers that are waiting to go to clients and during the winter it has become the cooled, humid storage area for all the Dahlia tubers. Again, just magic, so glad I installed it.

   So far I have created two open-field planting areas each ¼ acre in size that have the planting rows for peonies, woodies, and such annuals as Dahlias, Amaranth, Sunflowers, Celosia, and more. I went from seeds and tubers, to starts, to hardening, to planting and caring for a large variety of flowers that graced me with their abundance and brightened my life and others.

   All this despite major hand surgery in mid-July that threatened to bring my first-year progress to a screeching halt. Family and friends came to my aid to assist me through those tough months. They all went the extra mile and for them I am eternally grateful. Their help and encouragement gave me strength in the knowledge that I could get through this temporary setback.

   I am looking forward to continually transforming this land in support of my mission to grow beautiful seasonal blooms using methods that will be both regenerative and sustainable. Beautiful blooms that will enhance and grace the lives of those living along the Front Range.


10709 County Rd 14 1/2
Fort Lupton, CO 80621


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