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Prairie Wind Flowers

A Colorado Cut Flower Farm

So glad you're here. I'm Deborah, a 60-something, semi-retired, life-long entrepreneur who has finally found her flower calling. I am a 2021 graduate of the Floret Workshop and am so grateful that I decided to take Erin’s course. I initially bought her book “Cut Flower Garden” in the winter of 2019 and it was an epiphany! It inspired me to try her method of flower production on a very small trial scale in my backyard in eight large raised beds that I had built earlier the previous summer. I bought everything I thought I would need to help me start growing. Then the 2020 Covid lockdown happened. That isolated time actually helped me stay focused on the job at hand without any distractions or excuses. 

   I went from seeds and tubers, to starts, to hardening, to planting and caring for a large variety of flowers that graced me with their abundance and brightened the tables of my neighbors. I learned more about the growing of flowers that year than I had learned over my previous 30 years of gardening. I loved every minute of the process, the work, and the dedication. I was hooked.

   In January of 2021 I purchased eight acres just outside a small town eight miles east of the I-25 corridor in Northern Colorado. Raw ground that had only been used for hay production. Since last year I have built my new home, barn, and equipment shed on this property. I have cleared two 1/4 acre fields on which to begin production. I have constructed two 16'x50' gothic high tunnels for unheated growing with a second high tunnel sitting onsite waiting to be erected as a heated growing space. Last fall I planted peonies and exotic tulips. I've really worked on the infrastucture and have gotten quite a bit done though there is still much more to do.

   I am looking forward to slowly transforming this land to support my mission of developing a specialty cut flower farm using methods that will be both regenerative and sustainable; of developing a local flower farm that will provide beautiful seasonal blooms to grace the lives of those living along the Front Range.


10709 County Rd 14 1/2
Fort Lupton, CO 80621